Sukhy Singh

Sukhy Singh

Sales Team

Sukhy Singh - A Reliable and Reputed Multilingual Estate Agent from Charthill

  • Are you thinking about:

  • selling your house or 

  • Buying a new house?

Connect with Sukhy Singh, a reputed and reliable real estate agent from First National Real Estate Charthill  and he will make the entire process of buying and selling a home comfortable.

He is a multilingual real estate agent offering services in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. He is known to guide people looking to buy or sell a home. Sukhy Singh ensures that you get the right price for your home.

Top reasons to hire Sukhy Singh as your real estate agent

  • Saves valuable time, money, and energy

  • Extensive knowledge about the streets and neighbourhood

  • Exceptional negotiation skills

  • Price guidance for buying or selling a home

  • Narrow down your property search to get the right location and the right price